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Long Term Rentals

Beach Sunset Realty is a locally owned and operated Real Estate services company. We offer a full range of Realty services, including Sales, Long Term Rentals, Property Management, Land Development, and Custom Home Building. Our Beach Sunset Real Estate Team takes pride in our approach by partnering with the homeowner and the tenant to manage and maintain over 150 long-term residential properties throughout Walton County Florida.

Company Statistics

  • The local market’s gross rental income for Long Term Rentals has increased 20% on average for the past two years.
  • Beach Sunset Realty maintains a 99% occupancy rate and has an average vacancy rate less than 5 days on average.
  • The long-term lease option offers our owners a valued service to manage the property and maximize their profits through managing the expenses of maintaining the property.

Customer Service

The Beach Sunset property management service team is exemplary! We will manage your Real Estate investment by clearly communicating with the owner, tenant, and locally insured vendors for timely and professional repairs. Beach Sunsets’ hands on approach to managing your long-term investment property, helping you find the perfect investment property, and maintaining the integrity and value of your property; is our daily focus and goal.

Investment Property Management Services

  • Credit Background Check: We ensure all tenants have a healthy credit score and payment record  
  • Registered Sexual Offender Background Check: We check to make sure that there are not any sexual offender violations on record when screening new tenants.
  • Criminal Background Check: We check to make sure that there are not any criminal offender violations on record when screening new tenants.
  • Comprehensive monthly accounting reports and annual 1099 tax documents
  • Quarterly Property Inspections: This is to ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property inside, outside, and all HVAC systems.
  • We coordinate all services, repairs, utility management, and home improvements once approved by the owner.